D.I.C Network Technologies was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. A web and mobile development company, D.I.C offers innovation and expertise for multi-user online games and virtual worlds for kids and teens.

Our Services

D.I.C has 10 years of digital experience in the development of virtual worlds and games with dedicated team who specialize in all aspects of game development; web and mobile programming, content creation, UX, graphic design, data analysis, social media, client support, billing and security. In addition to our own IP, we offer a sophisticated platform to engage kids which delivers a powerful loyalty and retention as well as meaningful new revenues..


MikMak is the #1 kids brand in Israel with 72% of all 5-12 year olds playing our virtual world. A genuine 360° experience, the virtual world has 7+ million registered accounts (Israel alone) and is packed with entertaining and educational minigames. We produced and self-funded three seasons of animated content "The Mikmaks" (35x11') broadcast on Yes and Nickelodeon and a full length feature movie (96 minutes) "The journey to the minimik's planet" . Complementary mobile apps are available on iOS + Android and merchandise sales.

Shironet was a music site for Israeli and English song lyrics which D.I.C took over in 2009 adding key content such as English lyrics, artist information, song chords and improving site technology before selling the property to Keshet Broadcasting.

MooMoo was a gaming portal for kids aged 5-13 featured online games, pictures, stories and more. D.I.C revamped site content, design and technology for MooMoo became the leading children's site in Israel before the portal was sold to the Atarim Group.

Ringu was developed to distribute and market cellular content to small-medium websites; ringtones, daily jokes, celebrity news and more. White labelled for clients the proposition included content, billing and customer service support.

Our Team

Yaniv Hamami, Founder + CEO – a computer geek since the age of 12 when he began programming. He began his career at Z-Tech Computers taking on leadership roles throughout the business. He founded D.I.C in 2004 and has developed a number of successful sites with successful exits. His latest brainchild, MikMak has gone on to become the leading kid's entertainment brand in Israel.

Assaf Nahoum, VP Global Business Development – came on board in 2014 as D.I.C develops its global presence. Prior to joining he spent 7 years as Founder and CEO of a technology company developing worldwide sales and distribution.

Roy Shecter, Projects Director – has been with D.I.C since 2008 and is an expert in web site infrastructure and database management.

Nira Koren, CFO – joined D.I.C in 2013 and oversees company finance and all partner agreements. Previously she was CFO at American Apparel (Israel) for 6 years and worked at Ernst & Young for 4 years specializing in Capital Markets.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch please email contact@mikmak.co.il or call +972 3 644 8322